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Tampa Bay Trout Fishing

Winter Trout Fishing

Winter fishing for the Trout is usually fishing with artificial baits. Usually fishing on some of the grass flats in the rivers and some of the bays surrounding the rivers. We have some grass flats in the river that we catch a lot of Trout usually casting while drifting, or polling around on shallow flats in the bay.

Spring Trout Fishing

Once the spring comes around we start fishing with live bait. These fish, like lots of the other fish, can be found on some of the edges of our flats and in white holes in the middle of the flat. We are using light tackle for these fish, usually fishing with 8-12 lb test, so it makes it a lot of fun. Sometimes we use a popping cork to attract more fish.

Summer Trout Fishing

During the Summer, you can find Trout on just about any flat that holds bait. A lot of times during the summer we'll look for big schools of bait and fish around them and catch a lot of Trout. When these Trout get around these big schools of bait they create there own feeding frenzy you can catch big numbers of these fish.

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